Wallet FAQ

Q1: What do you mean by 100% Cashback?

A: You will get 50% off on Product price and 50% cashback in your beauty buffet wallet of the total value you paid resulting in 100% cashback. The amount will be refunded in your Beauty Buffet online wallet.


Q2: How to get 100% Cashback?

A: Shop from Beauty Buffet’s website www.beautybuffetshop.in, create an account and the cashback will show up in your wallet of beautybuffetshop.in immediately after your purchase. 


Q3: When will I get cashback in my wallet?

A: You will get your cashback immediately, provided that you have created an Account in www.beautybuffetshop.in


Q4: Can I use my wallet to pay for my order?

A: ABSOLUTELY YES, you can use your wallet to pay your order partially (only 25%). But, during sale periods or other offers & promotions, you cannot pay for your order from wallet. You cannot club wallets with ongoing offers.


Q5: Are you doing this to sell near-expiry products?

A: No, we are not. All the expiry dates are mentioned in the description of a product. Please read it before purchasing. Beauty Buffet won’t be responsible for return or refund for a request based on expiry date.


Q6: How have you stored the products during lockdown?


We are proud to say that all our products are kept in temperature controlled warehouse and all our products are imported ONLY through air shipments and not sea shipments.


Q7: Are these sale products Inferior to the full price products?

A: All products are exactly same as full price.


Q8: Why are you offering so much discount?

A: As we are exclusive importers of these products into India, the brand owner in Thailand, which is the largest cosmetics company in Thailand is providing us ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT, in order to run this promotion for limited time.


Q9: When can I use the cashback?

A : You can use the cashback anytime on non-sale product or full price product.


Q10: Can I redeem the cashback in wallet for cash or bank transfer?

A : Wallet can be used exclusively on beautybuffetshop.in for future purchases. 


Q11: What happens if I return a product which had a cashback in the wallet?

A: If the cashback in wallet has been credited to your account, it will not be cancelled if you return the product, and the remaining value net of the order will be refunded to you in your wallet.


Wallet money to expire in 6 months from date of wallet money fund.