Things You Can Do During Quarantine

We are so glad you are reading this. It means you are AWARE & SAFE. 

Now here are x things you can do to not PASS but SPEND time creatively and wisely.

1. Wash Hands - Okay, we know you have heard this 10k times and you are probably gonna hear some more but we are also going to add - in addition to the 20 second correct way to wash hands, we want to ENCOURAGE you to #CloseTheTap. Each family can save up to 16 liters of water a day if they close the tap.


2. Contribute to #CalmCornerWithBB - Our employees will be sharing how they are keeping calm in these tough times. If you have a creative way of keeping yourself busy, then do share with us⁠

Either through Instagram DM⁠
On your Instagram profile by tagging us ⁠
On IG stories by tagging us ⁠
and using the hashtag #CalmCornerWithBB⁠
Through comments below

Here are the stories shared so far:

3. Exercise - A 5 minute exercise will not kill you. Pick ANYTHING (literally) - dance, jumping rope, zumba, pilates, yoga, at-home gym, body-lifting, etc. You can follow these lovely instructors for a monthly timetable or body inspiration. Any movement is good at this point of time. 

a) Pilates - Cassey Ho

b) Yoga - Adriene

c) Zumba & Aerobics - Zumba Class

d) Dance - Vijaya Tupurani

e) At-home exercises - Joanna Soh

Tip - Do it immediately after you are up so you can get it over with and continue with your day.

4. Check out our Instagram activities and Youtube channel - Oh come on! We had to include this. We are sweating (probably not) day and night to give you some interesting content. Just a request. If you do check out our content please use the hashtag #QuarantineWithBB in comments, stories or posts. Please. Will mean a lot.

beauty buffet india instagram

5. Read a book - Currently we (the employees) are reading the following

Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amrish


6. Watch a series or movies - Currently we are watching:


Stranger Things





Pursuit of Happyness

Silver Linings Playbook

Good Newwz


7. Play some games with family - Currently we are playing:



Carrom Board

House Party - A video chat social network - play games while chatting


Dumb Charades


What are some other ways you are keeping yourself sane, cool and happy? Please do share with the #BBCommunity below or on Instagram - BeautyBuffetInd using hashtag #CalmCornerWithBB