Beauty Buffet Ambassador Program


Now you can EARN while you shop from us at

Have friends or family who can try our products or you want to recommend Beauty Buffet to them? 


Become a Beauty Buffet Ambassador. Now that you have become our customer, you are eligible to become the Beauty Buffet Ambassador.


What is in Beauty Buffet Ambassador?

Simply put, we will create a unique code for you which you can give to your family and friends. If one or more person shops using your code, both of you will get discounts.

Here are the details:



beauty buffet ambassador program guidelines
beauty buffet ambassador program rewards

Once you give your reviews, you will get a discount code. Your discount code will be monitored for a period of 3 months after which you will get personal discounts accordingly.

Isn't this awesome? This way, you are scoring some great deals on your new-favourite brand and your loved ones are happy as well! 


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