BB Rewards Program

BB Rewards Program is our unique membership program that rewards Beauty Buffet loyalty members when they shop from the website ( during the loyalty period/designated period as per Beauty Buffet.

Here are some FAQs about the BB Rewards Program to help you understand the program better:

Q. What are BB rewards?

A. BB rewards are 'points' or 'BB points' that a customer earns after they have shopped from the website during a limited period of time, as suggested by the brand, Beauty Buffet.

Q. How do I earn BB points?

A. For every rupee spent on, you will 1 BB point. 
For newsletter sign-up you will get 10 BB points.
Input your birth date and get 20 BB points.
Refer a friend and for every purchase of your friend you earn 100 BB points.
P.S. For orders fulfilled via online payment, your BB points will be visible in your account immediately.
For Cash on Delivery orders, your  BB points will be visible after we have received the payment.
Q. How do I redeem* BB points?
A. For every 10 points, you can redeem ₹1 voucher. In other words, if you have 2000 points, you get a voucher worth ₹200.

Q. On which items can I redeem BB points?

A. You can redeem BB points on full priced items and/or during non-sale period only, on the website.
To redeem your BB points, follow the below steps:


On the bottom-left of the screen, you will see an icon. It is called BB point launcher. Click the icon to launch it. 

Depending upon the points you have, you will see the following:
Exhibit A:

    (To earn more points, sign-up, place an order, add birthday, refer a friend.)

    Exhibit B:

    After signing-in, click on the tab 'Redeem BB Points'. Here, all the rewards you have earned, will show.

    Exhibit C:

    To redeem a reward, either copy to clipboard or click on apply. Remember, you can redeem only 1 reward per order.

    Exhibit D:

     6. If you have copied the code then place the code at the time of checkout and click on apply.

    If you have clicked on 'apply' then the discount code will be automatically applied.

    Things to keep in mind while redeeming BB Points:

    • Once redeemed (but not used), the code will be available under 'Discount codes' for future.
    • You can still use the code, just click on 'Discount codes' and you can use the redeemed BB Points.
    • Coupon codes cannot be merged or exchanged for money or cashback.
    • Only one coupon code can be applied in 1 order. If you have several coupon codes/BB Points then you can place multiple orders.
    • From time to time, you will see BB Points meter as shown in the picture above (100%). If we have more rewards than you have points, then this meter will be less than 100%. It simply means, you can earn more points to claim all the rewards.

    Q. When will my points get expired?

    A. Your BB Points will be expired within 6 months from the date of their creation.

    If you have any questions about BB Points, then you can contact us.

    Q. I have redeemed a coupon code but couldn't it, what to do now?

    A. Not to worry. The unused coupon codes are available in 'discount codes' section (refer to Exhibit E below)

    Exhibit E:

    step 5- how to use unused coupon codes