7 Things You Can Do While In Qurantine

We are so glad you are reading this. It means you are AWARE & SAFE. 

Now here are x things you can do to not PASS but SPEND time creatively and wisely.

0. Wash Hands - Okay, we know you have heard this 10k times and you are probably gonna hear some more but we are also going to add - in addition to the 20 second correct way to wash hands, we want to ENCOURAGE you to #CloseTheTap. Each family can save up to 16 liters of water a day if they close the tap.


1. Read the Blog - We have recently launched our blog section and are so excited to be sharing all the goodness with you. It would mean a lot if you could leave comments and make our day. 


2. Contribute to #CalmCornerWithBB - Our employees will be sharing how they are keeping calm in these tough times. If you have a creative way of keeping yourself busy, then do share with us⁠

Either through Instagram DM⁠
On your Instagram profile by tagging us ⁠
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and using the hashtag #CalmCornerWithBB⁠
Through comments below

Here are the stories shared so far:

3. Exercise - A 5 minute exercise will not kill you. Pick ANYTHING (literally) - dance, jumping rope, zumba, pilates, yoga, at-home gym, body-lifting, etc. You can follow these lovely instructors for a monthly timetable or body inspiration. Any movement is good at this point of time. 

a) Pilates - Cassey Ho

b) Yoga - Adriene

c) Zumba & Aerobics - Zumba Class

d) Dance - Vijaya Tupurani

e) At-home exercises - Joanna Soh

Tip - Do it immediately after you are up so you can get it over with and continue with your day.

4. Check out our Instagram activities and Youtube channel - Oh come on! We had to include this. We are sweating (probably not) day and night to give you some interesting content. Just a request. If you do check out our content please use the hashtag #QuarantineWithBB in comments, stories or posts. Please. Will mean a lot.

beauty buffet india instagram

5. Read a book - Currently we (the employees) are reading the following

Sita: Warrior of Mithila by Amrish

Mindset by Dr. Carol S. Dweck 

Origin by Dan Brown

Designs as Art by Bruno Munari

6. Watch a series or movies - Currently we are watching:


Stranger Things

Special Ops 




Pursuit of Happyness

Silver Linings Playbook

Good Newwz


7. Play some games with family - Currently we are playing:



Carrom Board

House Party - A video chat social network - play games while chatting


Dumb Charades


What are some other ways you are keeping yourself sane, cool and happy? Please do share with the #BBCommunity below or on Instagram - BeautyBuffetInd using hashtag #CalmCornerWithBB


For those asking about the orders and deliveries. We are open to taking orders but our delivery service has been compromised. If you wish to save a product for later since it is in offer or worry if it will get out of stock, you can place an order via prepaid or cash on delivery method. We will deliver it as soon as the lockdown is lifted.