7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sheet Masks

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sheet Masks

Why Sheet Masks? Is that your question? Then it would be the easiest [7] points ever we would have to explain. Read along if you want to know what sheet masks are, why you should use them and what are the elements of a sheet mask you must know before you pick from the plethora of sheet masks available in the market.

The word is 'Evolution'. We, humans, have a tendency to make things easier and faster so that the consumption and understanding of things become easy.

What is a Sheet Mask?

Sheet Masks are a product of evolution. We have created these soft cotton sheets soaked in serum and essentials to make the skin hydrated and glowing. 

The serum can be of anything, right from your fruits to nuts, from charcoal to flowers like Jasmine. 

The sheet masks are cut in the face of shape, leaving the eye and lips area.

Sheet masks are typically to be used once and thrown so this makes them easier to carry and use.

What Kind of Sheet Masks Are Good?

Apart from the obvious answer - 'Depends on your requirement', a good sheet mask can be differentiated from others by the following points: 

  • They are drenched in serum.
  • The sheet masks don't dry up quickly.
  • They are triple-layered to lock-in the serum.
  • They don't require water to wash-off later (meaning no soap formula). 

But why should you apply sheet masks is the real question!

Here are 7 reasons why you should try a sheet mask today: 

    1. Hydration

      As the serum present inside the sheet mask takes over, your skin will go into deep hydration, which will help rejuvenate your appearance.

      If you have been traveling and your skin is taking a lot of recycled air inside the airplane then a sheet mask can save your skin. A soft & gentle sheet mask is what you need. T Beauty Mali Sheet Mask will keep your skin hydrated for a long-stressful travel as well.

    2. Anti-ageing / Anti-wrinkle 

      Yes, it's true, sheet masks do help to reduce those fine lines. Those who suffer from fine lines, know how those lines take away the toned look of your face and leave you with skin that 'seem' less attractive and young. We must all be proud of what we have but strive to have a healthy skin as well. Scentio Bird's Nest & Gold Sheet Mask works on your skin's natural collagen to build and restore cells' natural anti-ageing process.

    3. Effortless Brightening

      As we age our glow fades off, which is natural. What we can do is stop its speed and for this sheet masks can be your best friends. With all the hydration that the skin gets, it gets ready to take any harm all over again. They help in removing dry skin patches and make your skin more supple. A Vitamin C Sheet Mask for that intense hydration and brightening is all you need.

    4. Detoxifying 

      Our skin goes through a lot of pollutants each day like dirt, debris, allergens and more. Here is where detoxifying comes, and sheet masks are loaded with detoxifying properties that can help you fight all these problems and help keep your skin in great condition. In this case, a powerful sheet mask with powerful set of ingredients will work. T Beauty Aunchan Sheet Mask has Butterfly pea extract which helps in skin renewal, decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine line.

      It contains Phellinus linteus mycelium extract which keeps your skin smooth and young-looking naturally.

    5. Treating acne marks 

      As sheet masks are filled with properties to treat spots and marks, they can heal and lighten marks which are leftovers of those acne days. Some wear them proudly but for many, they don't look attractive. If you want to lighten and brighten your skin while treating your acne marks too then sheet masks are a good choice to make.

    6. Heals sun damage

      The skin that gets damaged due to sun exposure, sheet masks can help you heal it. It's been seen that the soothing effects of a sheet mask on the skin can work wonders and skin will feel healed and repaired. 

      Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevent water-loss. It also helps to prevent damage from environmental stresses (such as UV light) from occurring.

    7. Highly Affordable

      Those who are just starting out with a skin care regimen needn't debate about which mask to 'invest' in. Instead, they can opt for affordable sheet masks that are high on value and pocket-friendly. This way, you would know what type of ingredients work well for your skin type.


Sheet Masks are NOT A REPLACEMENT to a skin care regimen, cleanser, mask or a scrub. They do not take away dead skin cells. They can be used in addition to what you are doing. Sheet Masks come into picture when you want to hydrate or soothe your skin or need something for your skin during those hectic travel days.

A single sheet and so many benefits, it's nothing less than a miracle in skincare science and evolution of skincare all around the world. Now, it's a surety that next time you buy a mask sheet, you will be more confident about what all you will get in return with just one application!

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